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Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 88

Issue 88 van de on-line magazine Retro Gaming Times Montly is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

  • Apple II Incider – Steve Jobs: The End Of An Era
  • Retro Collecting 101 – Hunting Treasures In A Foreign Land
  • Gaming Tetralogies – The Legend Of Zelda Series
  • Standalone Spew – The Battle For Football’s Second-Best
  • MAME Reviews – Radar Scope
  • Commodore Du Jour – Heart Of Africa
  • NES’cade – Dig-Dug II
  • Dual Perspective – Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones
  • The Pixelated Mage – Jet Grind Radio
  • A Pixelated 21st Century

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Video Game Trader Issue 15

Issue 15 komt pas 1 maart uit, maar vanaf nu is het mogelijk een pre order te plaatsen.
De onderwerpen in dit magazine zijn:

– Zelda Retrospective
– Intellivision Anniversary
– Homebrew Reviews: Ghost N Zombies for Coleco Vision
– How Video Games Inspire Professional Wrestlers
– Plus… Six Feet Under, NES Archives, Just 4 Qix, Book Reviews, Classic Game Reviews and much, much more.
– Expanded Video Game Price Guide now inludes Game Cube, Playstation 2 and Xbox

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    Retro Gamer Issue 72

    rg_072_web[1]Retro Gamer issue 72 is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

    Retro Features
    – We take a look at Konami’s Gradius and reveal a 22-year old secret about the awful Spectrum port
    – Starquake coder Stephen Crow comes out of hiding to discuss his impressive career
    – The original creators of Fallout reveal how the apocalyptic RPG started

    The Making of…
    – Frenzy
    – Driver
    – Bubble Ghost

    – New Super Mario Bros Wii
    – The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks
    – Earthworm Jim

    It helped kick-start the UK’s home computer industry, but just how much do you know about Sir Clive Sinclair’s ZX80?


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