Issue 42 van het gratis magazine Commodore Free is uitgekomen om te lezen/downloaden in de volgende formaten; HTML, Text, Seq, D64 (C64 disk image) and PDF. De onderwerpen van deze issue zijn:

MorphOS 2.5 & eMac Support,  Spectacular Copy,  Turbo To Disk,  Mass Storage Device C64SD,  Third Club Info Issue of 2010,  Aladdin 4D Forums on,  DIY Action Replay Card,  Genealogy Newsletter and C64,  BasEdit,  Basic Editor on Windows,  Alpha Release of Timberwolf
, New Commodore Club, Chicago Creative Extreme Expo, Descent Freespace 2 / AmigaOS4.1,  X-Moto 0.5.3 for OS4,  Arcade Retro Gaming Update,  Loadstar Unofficial Issue 250,  Fortis Game for MorphOS Released,  Updated MorphOS SDK 2- Commodore Bounties,  A-EON and Varisys Partnership,  Micromart U.K. Retro Section,  NTP Commander Now Open Source,  The New Adventures of Alfredo

– The Early Days of Online Genealogy
– Interview With Björg Stojalowski
– Interview With Ross Myers
– A Quick Look At BasicEdit

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