Issue 45 van het gratis magazine Commodore Free is uitgekomen om te lezen/downloaden in de volgende formaten; HTML, Text, Seq, D64 (C64 disk image) and PDF. De onderwerpen van deze issue zijn:

1541U2 Update 2.0RC9, Protovision October Update, Viva Amiga Documentary Update, Jim Scabery’s Close-Out, Catweasel Mk4 support page, NetSurf 2.6 web browser for OS4, 4GB CF IDE Hard Disk, YAPE 10 Years Old, The 1541 Ultimate v2 COMVEX Demo,  SIDizer VST Instrument,  BASIC on Bails!, Balls to the Walls, A Bit of History Preserved, First Video of AMC for AmigaOS 4, Origyn Web Browser 3.30,  C64SD v2.0, The SEUCK Vault Updated, Striker In The Crypt Of Trojan,  Plus4: Botticelli Bilderdisk 35,  ACID 64 Player Pro v3.04,  ZoomFloppy at ECCC 2010,  Mediator Multimedia CD UP 2.0,  Vince Clarke,

* Commodore Programming
* Commodore Computer Club USA
* Interview with Sean – CCC USA
* Retro Gaming News Letter
* The Mensch Computer
* USB-64
* The Atari Arcade DotBASIC Project
* Back to the Past – Issue 6, Mar’07

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