retrogamer68Retro Gamer issue 68 is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

Retro Features
– We catch up with Gary Bracey, former development director for Ocean software, to discuss his fascinating life in the games industry.
– Following his recent trip into space, we touchdown with Richard Garriott and get the complete lowdown on the Ultima RPG series.
– We rock out with Ed Logg, Howard Delman and Lyle Rains with an exclusive look back at Atari’s seminal space shooter Asteroids.
– And we pay tribute to the king of pop with Moonwalker on the Mega Drive.

The Making of…
Super Sprint

King Of The Fighters XII
Shadow Complex
Contra Rebirth

We look back at the; the ambitious touch-screen handheld from Tiger Electronics released seven years before the DS.

– etc.

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