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Odyssey Adventure! – Issue 7

Issue 7 is uitgekomen van de gratis te downloaden e-zine Odyssey adventure met reviews en het laatste nieuws over Videopac/Odyssey2  met de volgende onderwerpen:

  • Air Assault van Revival studios review
  • Comming soon…

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Retro Gamer Issue 114

Retro Gamer Issue 114 is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

  • Superfrog exclusive
  • Oric-1 turns 30
  • Mean Machines
  • Interview met Doug TenNapel
  • Metal marine review
  • 30 years of Dragon’s Lair
  • Remembering Deathchase
  • Import only – AAH! Harimanada
  • The ultimate guide to Punch-out
  • ATV Simulaor review
  • Bizarre Creations
  • 20 killer PC games
  • Wriggler
  • The evolution of platformers
  • Future Classic – No more heroes
  • Playstation 2: A celebration
  • The making of Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind‎
  • In the chair with Mark Turmell
  • Kirby’s Dream Course review
  • Wave race 64 review

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Scroll Issue 8 – Artdink: The Wild, Pure, Simple Life

09[1]Scroll issue 9 is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen volgens de site:

Railroad tycoons, baseball team management, open-world RPGs, sailing uncharted waters, searching for treasure under the sea, and freeform virtual toys. These aren’t the “greatest hits” of computer games from several different game makers — this is the work of Artdink. Both a pioneer and innovator, Artdink’s legacy spans nearly 30 years of mostly simulation games on subjects most didn’t touch until years after their release. And some of their other games are just plain weird. This issue goes over the highlights of the Artdink catalog, from the good and the bad to especially the weird, with special attention paid to their contemporaries and their longest-lasting franchises.

Also in this issue

  •  Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers
  • Wacky Worlds
  • The Island of Misfit Hardware

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Amiga Future 101

album_picIssue 101 van Amiga Future het magazine voor de Commodore Amiga liefhebber is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

Netpanzer, Iron Trackers, Death Metal, Deal or not Deal, Arnold, Santa’s Monster Shootout, Amiganitzu, Sqrxz 2, Balance Blox, Handy, Amigula, YAM 2.8, Roadshow, KeyRythMe, MUI Royale, Ruby, A-FTP 1.3, Digital Universe 1.7, Hively Tracker, AbiWord, OS4 Depot, Minimig Gehäuse, Pandora Teil 1, BigRAMplus.

C-Workshop part 18, Application Directory Workshop.

Classic Reflections (8) Micro-Systems

Interview DiscreetFX, Editorial, Content, News, Up2Date, Imprint, Contet CoverCD, letters to rthe editor, Preview.

CoverCD contents:
Chicago 90, Dominium, Iron Trackers, Killerball.

Public Domain:
AmigaOS4:a-ftp_server, aa3-dp5_buttons, amigaamp3, anotherworld, bochs, cmake, dcraw, egame, ffshop, filer, flipclock, flite_device, ibatch, liblcms, liblcms2, MCE-OS4, minigl, openssh, poweroff, tunenetpatch, xamos-bin.
AROS: candycrisis.i386-aros, candycrisis.src-aros, cavestory.src-aros, darkplaces.i386-aros, darkplaces.src-aros, webptools_aros.
Classic: A2Zee, aca620rd, AlphaQuad, AmigaColoringBook, amiganitzu, amistatus, AmiSystemRestore, AmiUpdateSP, AstroBlox, Atoms-X, backupcopy, Ball_Breaker_68k, BOOM, Bordo, BulGom, CandyCrisis_68k, Chain_Gang, DevInfos, DragonMemory_68k, DrawerBall, DumpA1000BootROM, eGame, exif-m68k, fail_68k, fanwor_68k, Flecho, flobopuyo_68k, GoFigure, just4qix_68k, MCE, meritous_68k, Microbe3D-demo, net-bubble_68k, Numo, PentA, pfs3aio, prfe, Quetiles, Roman_Wheel, SafeKraker, SevenHex, showgeo, Szalter, THE2, Totematik, Tri_It, Tri_Q, TSFixer, VirusKiller_68k, WarpPNGdt, webp_dt, XCenter.
MorphOS: dmg2iso-morphos, MCE-MOS, retrobattle.ppc-mos.

BoingsWorld Podcast Episode 35 and 36

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Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 106

Issue 106 van de on-line magazine Retro Gaming Times Montly is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

  • Bunny Girls In Retrogaming
  • The End Of An Era – Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3
  • More 64! – C64 Cult Classic: Mancopter
  • Apple II Incider – Card Sharks
  • NES’cade – Quarth
  • The Retro Junkies – Super Star Wars
  • The Pixelated Mage – Einhänder

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The Atari Book

ataribook_coverBevat een opsomming van enkele van Atari’s beste hardware, de belangrijkste ontwikkelaars en beste games welke op Atari’s hardware zijn verschenen.

Van de makers van Retro Gamer

De Hardware

Uitgebreid artikel over Atari’s beste hardware

De Ontwikkelaars

Interviews met de mensen die de spellen ontwikkelde.


De Spellen

Top 25 spellen voor de Atari 2600, met “The MakingOf”  artikelen van alle classics.


40 Redenen waarom we van Atari houden

We onderzoeken waarom Atari zo in ons geheugen staat gegrift.


De Hardware
– Atari 2600
– Atari 5200
– Atari 800 XL
– Atari 7800
– Atari ST
– Atari Lynx
– Atari Jaguar
De Ontwikkelaars
– Atari Inc
– Atari Corp
– Nolan Bushnell
– Allan Alcorn
– Howard Scott Warshaw
– Bob Polaro
– David Crane

De Spellen
– Top 25 Atari 2600 Games
– Pong
– Sprint2
– Asteroids
– Missile Command
– Battlezone
– Tempest
– Pitfall!
– Miner 2049erataribook_1
– Star Wars
– Dandy
– Crystal Castles
– Paperboy
– Dungeon Master
– Roadblasters
– Chip’s Challenge
– Alien Vs Predator

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Retro Gamer Issue 113

rg113_cover_small_350pix[1]Retro Gamer Issue 113 is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

  • Collector’s Guide To Amiga 500
  • Cheap As Chips Kokotoni Wilf
  • Classic Game Pang
  • The History Of Micro Machines
  • Shadowfire Unleashed
  • The Mysterious Crash
  • Conversion Kings
  • Minority Report Special Commodore 16
  • Future Classic Rogue Galaxy
  • The Making Of Planescape: Torment
  • 20 Great Videogame Bosses
  • A moment with Scott Adams
  • Retro Revival Theme Hospital
  • In The Chair With Steve Kelly
  • Retro Revival Moon Patrol

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