Episode 157 van de Engelstalige podcast The Retro League is uitgekomen met 1:11 minuten retro onderwerpen:

This week on The Retro League we’ll try to keep you sane while you’re stuck in Thanksgiving traffic with talk about portable Genesis clones, Super R-Type, Joe Montana Sports Talk Football ’93, E.T., and truckin’ across Canada.

This Day in Gaming History

  • Super Famicom released in Japan Nov 21, 1990

 Hot Topics

  • Retro poll series
  • Games bought solely because of box artwork that were terrible
  • 90’s News story about the SNES release

 Virtually Retro

  • AtGames Genesis portable


  • Canon Questions – The Earth of Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Kickstarter: Retro Skate
  • Sega! Hardcore Gaming 101: Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 1 released
  • Canada had their version of Oregon Trail
  • Probably the only “Black Friday” deal for retro gamers

 Games of the Week

  • Joe Montana Sports Talk Football ‘93
  • Super R-Type

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