Issue 99 van Amiga Future het magazine voor de Commodore Amiga liefhebber is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

Audacious, Agent Lux, ADOM, Sqrxz, Hurrican, KOG, Ami-Ingenious, Amiga Parachute, Cybergames, AmiSystemRestore, Zormanita, AmigaOS 4.1 Update 5, New tunes from os4depot.

Data management in AmigaDOS part 3, Mercurial Part 2, C-Workshop part 16.

Classic Reflections 6- NewTek, Caanoo part 2.

Interview ACube, Show-Report Classic Computing, Show-Report Geit@Home #3 2012, Modding A600GT, Editorial, Contents, News, Up2Date, Imprint, Conten CoverCD, Letters to the editor, Preview.

CoverCD contents:
Extra:MindeSpace, Powerplay Eishockey Manager, Cybergames, Megaball 4, Foundation DC (complete CD-Version as ISO-Image)
Public Domain:
autocopyfile, basilisk2_src, candycrisis, ciagent, CodeWar-OS4, flare, flipclock, iconsreworked3, Koules_OS4, lame, libwebp, libx264, libxml2_so_os4, netspeedometer, neverball-bin, nodereviewer, once_upon, resid_tnplug, sidplay2-resid, tuneflac_plug, vamp, warposemu, WormWars-OS4, xsane,
 AROS: asciiportal.i386-aros, asciiportal.src-aros, fheroes2.i386-aros, fheroes2.src-aros, glulxe.i386-aros, midtofront.i386-aros.tar, neverball.i386-aros, neverball.src-aros, qstat.i386-aros, qstat.src-aros, rtcw.i386-aros, rtcw.src-aros, syobon.i386-aros, syobon.src-aros, yquake2.i386-aros,
Classic: AmigaParachute, AmiQuake, Annotate_bin, Annotate_src, Blokator, Bricky, cddapatch, codesets-6.14, CodeWar-OS3, Colorit, Crates_68k, DiamondBOX150, DrawerBall, Edgar_68k, fail_68k, Hexit, Iarrow, IconLib_46.4, Jack_Classic, Jack_WarpOS, KOG, Koules, OpenJazz_68k, Permu, Pwaps, Scriba_0.8.0, syobon_68k, TilesSlide, Tri_It, webp_dt, webp_lib, WormWars, WormWarsSP, Ybrick,
MorphOS: CodeWar-MOS, fail2png-mos, html2wiki-mos, KoulesMOS, WormWarsMOS, yquake2.ppc-mos,
Multimedia: BoingsWorld Podcast Episode 31 and 32

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