Issue 3 van Retrocade Magazine is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

  • Event Coverage: CAGDC 2012, ACAM Championships, Too Many Games & Classic Gaming Expo 2012 Preview
  • Columns Original PSP
  • British Backtrack with Mike James
  • Spega
  • My View (of Classic Arcade Gaming…the hobby)
  • Cleaning & Maintenance Part 2: The Atari 5200 Super System
  • VCS programming tips by Forrest Hodges
  • Twin Galaxies Trading Cards
  • I’m Taking Him Into the Maze
  • A look at the snake games
  • Tron
  • Jay Smith: An Engineer’s Engineer
  • The Juraszek Period: An Interview with Steve Juraszek
  • The Perfect Fraudman
  • 35 Years and Counting: The Story of Pinball Pete’s
  • Rip Off
  • Commencing Counterattack: It’s All Action and No Hesitation With Contra!

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