Issue 2 van het nieuwe Engelstalige magazine Pixel Nation is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

  • Wizard of Woz: Proud to present an interview with Steve Wozniak who talks about his time developing the BASIC language behind Apple Computers and his own introduction to programming.
  • Final Fantasy VII: Through the Lifestream – A series without an end, there’s nothing Final about this Fantasy. In this issues cover special we take a closer look at the effect of Final Fantasy VII on the JRPG genre and the road to its development.
  • Atari in the Land of the Rising Sun – There aren’t many retro gamers that don’t know the rise and fall of Atari. But little is said of what happened to its Japanese division during these times. Pixel Nation explores the unknown history behind Atari Japan.
  • Dizzy: The Journey – One of the most fondly remembered heroes of yesteryear, we take a walk through the full series from past to present.
  • Philip Vachey interview – A chat with the composer behind Alone in the Dark, Little Big Adventure series and the Dreamcast classic Toy Commander.
  • Bluffers Guide to Touhou – A literal trip through a series of bullet hell shooters, our Touhou article aims to give the definitive introduction to this classic series.
  • Guy Wilhelmy – One of the most infamous Spectrum games collections ever committed to tape, Pixel Nation speaks to the man behind Cassette 50 of Cascade Games Ltd.
  • Peter J. Favoro Ph.D – We sit down with the original Alter Ego creator to discover the story behind its creation, so join us on a journey through the mind and the games creation!
  • Tim Wright – Discusses the music behind the Shadow Of The Beast games
  • The Cats out the Bag – Before the Atari Jaguar there was another cat that prowled the gaming forest. We take a look into a lost piece of gaming history, the Atari Panther.
  • Bubble Bobble Design Classics
  • World of NES Accessories

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