Episode 133 van de Engelstalige podcast The Retro League is uitgekomen met 1 uur en 42 minuten retro onderwerpen:

This week on The Retro League we travel back to the year 1982. The great video game crash was approaching but no one warned Coleco who launched a shiny new console aptly named the ColecoVision. We take a look back at the first games and hardware accessories for this short-lived system. We cover all the usual stuff too of course including the latest news and virtually retro releases.

This Day in Gaming History

  • June 3, 1991 – Nintendo annouces the Super Nintendo

Hot Topics

  • Best light gun games
  • Cutscenes
  • Computer Space model’s creepy foot

Virtually Retro

  • Rayman: Arena (PlayStation 2 Classics)
  • Sega Vintage Collection: Golden Axe (XBLA)
  • Rayman (3DS Virtual Console)
  • Metal Slug 3 (Virtual Console)


  • Donkey Kong Champion Improves His World Record
  • Square Enix Launches Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Website
  • Zelda Marathon for Child’s Play
  • Game Genie returns

Games of the Week

  • Mouse Trap (ColecoVision)
  • Zaxxon (ColecoVision)
  • Pepper II (ColecoVision)

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