Episode 122 van de Engelstalige podcast The Retro League is uitgekomen met 1 uur en 56 minuten retro onderwerpen:

Hot Topics

  • Neo-Geo thoughts etc, who has one?
  • Games bringing the family closer together

Virtually Retro

  • Prince of Persia Classic (iOS)
  • Metroid (3DS Virtual Console)
  • Gridrunner (iOS)
  • Primal (PS2 Classics)


  • Pre-Orders for Nightmare Busters now open
  • A Twenty-Minute Documentary About the Gender of Final Fight’s Poison
  • Arcade gamer sets longevity record with 68.5 hour game on Q*bert arcade machine
  • Aero Fighters for Neo Geo sells for over $30,000
  • Game Center CX headed to DVD
  • Pac-Man Returns to Television in 2013
  • Castlevania Tribute at the Midwest Gaming Classic 2012
  • GameHero rocks the Virtual Boy
  • Exploring the Ancient Top Ten Lists of Doom
  • Steven Seagal is The Final Option SNES Prototype

Special Topic

  • Gaming can bring a Family together

Games of the Week

  • Pac Man Fever (GameCube)
  • Pac-Mania (NES)
  • Potion Master (PC)
  • Paper Mario (N64)

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