Episode 108 van de podcast The Retro League is al weer uit met  1 uur en 20 minuten retro onderwerpen:

Hot Topics

  • More lists, top 10 superhero games
  • Video Game Music Cover Band Name
  • Name a retro game you keep putting off

Virtually Retro

  • Chrono Cross (PSOne Classics)
  • Asteroids: Gunner (iOS)


  • Twin Galaxies Gauntlet 2011 to recreate the 1983 championship
  • Abobo’s Big Adventure trailer
  • A Look Back at the Beavis and Butt-Head Game that Didn’t Suck
  • Following the Trail of Cracker Crumbs: The Origins of Sonic Crackers
  • Q*Bert Record Still Standing After Third Marathon Attempt to Topple It

Games of the Week

  • Ms Pac Man (Atari 7800)
  • Mercenary Force (Game Boy)
  • Thief: The Dark Project (Windows)

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