Retro Gamer Issue 96 is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

  • The Making Of Final Fantasy VII
  • The Story Of Monty Mole
  • Top 25 Commodore 64 games
  • The Making Of The Revenge Of Shinobi
  • Cheap As Chips: Dino Crisis
  • Future Classic: Panzer Dragoon Orta
  • The Making Of Radiant Silvergun
  • From The Archives: Domark
  • Classic Game: Toobin’
  • The History Of Jetman
  • The Making Of The Revenge Of Shinobi
  • The Making Of Kid Chameleon
  • Obscura Machina: Sharp X68000
  • The Unconverted
  • Retro Revival: Mr TNT
  • A Moment With Eric Chahi
  • Desert Island Disks: David Leitch
  • Retro Revival: Zombie Nation

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