Atari User 12 is uit. Dit betaalde $3,95, maandelijkse pdf blad, behandelt zoals de naam al aanduid alle atari consoles en computers. Onderwerpen in het huidige nummer worden volgens de site:

In Issue 12 we have an exclusive interview with Stephen Goss who helped produce 8-bit games for Atari UK and was involved in UK company Harlequin that signed up several big titles for the Atari XL/XE. Find out what happened in this issue. In Pizza, Robots & Videotape we take a look at what happened to Nolan Bushnell after he left Atari – from the success that was Axlon to the disaster that was Androbot, we look at the rise and fall of a leading visionary.

Also this issue we look at the Atari Cosmos – a 3D gaming handheld with its origins in the late seventies, plus we have a feature on arcade smash Xenophobe and look at Namco arcade hits converted to the Atari ST.

Also this issue we look at the best and worst football games for the Atari ST, our Game Over! series looks at unreleased Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800 games, we review George the Computer Robot, plus lots of great reviews for the Atari ST, Falcon, 2600, Lynx, 8-bit & Atari Jaguar.

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