Episode 101 van de podcast The Retro League is al weer uit met  1 uur en 12 minuten retro onderwerpen:

Hot Topics
Your Retro Timeline
Doom WAD Fans Rejoice!

Virtually Retro
Radiant Silvergun (XBLA)
Mega Man: Dr Wily’s Revenge (3DS Virtual Console)
Super Smash Land (PC)
The Artist is Present (Flash)
3D Classics: TwinBee (3DS eShop)

Syndicate Reboot Coming Next Year
Overclocked Remix Mega Man 9 album
Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy VI almost released on PSN
Dragon’s Lair TV series now on DVD
The Most Memorable Third Party Game Boy Advance Games
The Gaming Historian has a new site, new videos up
Metal Gear Solid Becomes A Board Game

Games of the Week
Rogue Squadron (Nintendo 64)
The Ascension Of Vigil Quake Mod (PC)
Castlevania 2 Revamp

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