Atari User #8 is uit. Dit betaalde $3,95, maandelijkse pdf blad, behandelt zoals de naam al aanduid alle atari consoles en computers. Onderwerpen in het huidige nummer worden volgens de site:

In Issue 8 we look at Atari’s final years as part of Warner Communications and detail the somewhat tragic events leading up to the Tramiel takeover. Our ST Coin-Ops series continues and we also review Populous and Supremacy for the Atari ST.

Our popular guide to lost Atari Lynx games comes to an end but our new series (Game Over!) continues with details of more unreleased gems for the Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800. We look at the Atari 1030 modem and the Atari XC11 tape unit. We also look at the Atari Panther – the console that never was

We have features on arcade classics Gauntlet and Centipede and reviews this issue include Worm! (7800), Outlaw (2600), Boss X (XL/XE), Lexis (Lynx) Super Burnout (Jaguar) & Baldies (Jag CD). Lots of news and more inside!

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