Retro Gamer Issue 88 is op mijn deurmat gevallen met de volgende onderwerpen:

The Making of Missile Command
In an exclusive new interview creator Dave Theurer explains the mechanics behind his smash arcade hit

The History of Road Rash
Randy Breen was involved in every Road Rash title. Join him as he reveals the secrets behind EA’s successful 16-bit franchise

From the Archives – Firebird
Formed from British Telecom, Firebird went on to become one of the UK’s most popular software publishers. Find out how it all happened.

Cave Story
Another world exclusive as Retro Gamer delivers one of the most exhaustive and in-depth Cave interviews to ever appear in a Western magazine

Also inside…
– Minority Report
– Obscura Machina: Fairchild Channel F
– Cheap as Chips: T.L.L. Tornado Low Level
– Attack of the Clones
– The Making of Missile Command
– The Unconverted
– Cave Story
– Mapped: Exolon
– Classic Game: Star Wars: Dark Forces
– Coin-Op Capers: Missile Command
– Retro Revival: Daredevil Dennis
– Retro Revival: Gods
– Retro Revival: Mickey Mouse
– A Moment With: Andreas Axelsson
– Desert Island Disks: John Newcomer
– Future Classic: Devil May Cry 3
– The History of Road Rash
– The Making of PGA Tour Golf
– From the Archives: Firebird

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