Ik werd geattendeerd op deze magazine voor de Commodore Amiga liefhebber.

Issue 89 van dit magazine heeft de volgende onderwerpen:

Hydrozone, Cube, Wired Chaos, Tiny Invaders, Crystal Dragon, UAE4Droid, C64 Forever, Gnumeric, Qt4, Hollywood Designer 3, Celistia.

ACA630, Das Keyboard, Picasso IV.

AmiFIG, Frotz Part 3, Floppy Disk Renovation Part 3, C-Workshop Part 6, Lötkurs Part 2.

AmigaOne X1000 Status Report, Copy protection on the Amiga.

Interview Dale Luck, Interview Roman Kargin, Interview Pascal Papara, Editorial, Contents, News, Up2Date, The herald of Tamar, Imprint, ReadersCD content, Letters to the editor, Foxmans Corner, Preview.

CoverCD contents:

ArtStudio Pro as CD-ISO-Image, Draggy and Croco, Doktor, Crystal Dragon, Logic Works, Acuario
(The full versions that are on the CD are supplied for free, as is, and without any guarantee, warranty or support of any kind.)

Public Domain:
abrick-1.12, AnArchiver-Upd, BoingPairs1.1, Bricky, CC, Chainy, DecBinHex, DecBinHex1_1, DigiClock, FixNI, Follia_NBA, Gemology, GNU_Robbo, IconLib_46.4, KOG, lha138pch, lha_68k, lha_wos, MemOptimizer, MiniChainy, MLink, Pig-1.0-m68k, Pyramid, Qbreed, ramtxt2pdf, RandomBackdrop, Scavenge_Game_Demo, SCRAMBLY_DV, ScummVM_AGA_030, ScummVM_AGA_040, ScummVM_AGA_060, ScummVM_RTG_060, sdlroids-m68k-1.3.4, searchprogdir, SevenHex, Starfighter-1.1-m68k, Stomper, SWOS_PL_2010-2011, TilesSlide, TinyInvaders, TOLCE, Toxic_Waste, TrackerHeroAGA, TrackerHero_STH-02, TriCon, txt2pdf, wet, Wolfenstein3D, WormWars, xadclientver, xad_lha, xpkBLZW, xpkCBR0, xpkDLTA, xpkFRLE, xpkILZR_cosmos, xpkLHLB, xpkPPMQ, xpkSHRI, xpkSMPL_improved, X_Next, clock.i386-aros, kgbarchgui.i386-aros, lzopgui.i386-aros, 1941ED_MOS, 32biticoned, amiarcadia, bermudasyndrome, colem, CompareDirs_OS4, digiclock, ffmpeggui, findmore, fingus_smtb, fuelgauge, id3editor.tar, kog, lha, lha_os4, openreadalert, preferences, qt-user.tar, scplayer, sqlite, titlebarclock, txt2char, yam_crystal_theme, u.v.m.

Het blad is te koop zowel in het Engels als in het Duits en kost 5 euro + verzendkosten voor het blad zonder coverCD en 8 euro + verzendkosten met coverCD.

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