Retro Gamer Issue 87 is op mijn deurmat gevallen met de volgende onderwerpen:

The Collector’s Guide to the N64
– Everything you ever needed to know about Nintendo’s 64-bit console

Hail to the Duke
– Scott Miller and Randy Pitchford discuss Duke Nukem’s past and future

The Making of Jet Set Willy II
– Discover how an Amstrad update became a hit sequel

The History of Shadow of the Beast
– Creator Martin Edmondson discusses the popular Amiga trilogy

Also inside…
– Cheap as Chips: Haunting Starring Polterguy
– The Making of: Revenge of the Mutant Camels
– The Classic Game: Psycho Fox
– The Unconverted
– The History of Shadow of the Beast
– Obscura Machina: SNES Satellaview
– Retro Revival: PC Genjin
– Retro Revival: Spider-Man
– A Moment with Simon Butler
– In the Chair with Al Lowe
– Future Classic: Astro Boy: Omega Factor
– The Making of the Lotus trilogy

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