Retro Gamer Issue 86 is op mijn deurmat gevallen met de volgende onderwerpen:

Isometric Evolution
Jon Ritman and Sandy White discuss the prominence and importance of isometric gaming

Taking back the streets
Find out why Sega’s Streets of Rage remains one of gaming’s greatest beat-’em-up franchises

Brave New Worlds
Discover how games like Driller and Mercenary paved the way for the sandbox games of today

From the Archives – Mikro-Gen
David Perry, Chris Hinsley and Raffaele Cecco recall the rise and fall of the 8-bit software developer

Also inside…
– Retro Shamer – Wild Streets
– The Making of Zub
– From the Archives – Mikro-Gen
– Obscura Machina – FM Towns Marty
– The Making of Druid
– Brave New Worlds
– The Classic Game – Civilization II
– Let’s All Play – Super Castlevania IV
– The Unconverted
– Retro Revival – Bugaboo (The Flea)
– A Moment With – Tim Skelly
– Future Classic – Luigi’s Mansion
– The Making of Starglider
– Retro Revival – Jetpac
– Coin-Op Capers – Turbo OutRun
– The History of Streets of Rage
– Retro Revival – Stix

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