Issue 47 van het gratis magazine Commodore Free is uitgekomen om te lezen/downloaden in de volgende formaten; HTML, Text, Seq, D64 (C64 disk image) and PDF. De onderwerpen van deze issue zijn:

Games That Weren’t Update, Commodore Keytar, ZoomFloppy ready for pre-order, SCACOM Aktuell #20/21 out, High Voltage SID Collection 54,  Arcade Retro Gaming,  2011 C64-RetroInvaders calendar,  Amiga Forever / C64 Forever 2011, Plus4: Club Info 120 Released, Attitude Disk Magazine,  dtv2ser 0.5 Released,  BOH update14 Released,  1541 Ultimate Firmware Version 2,  More Commodore Videos,  YC C16/Plus4 Special Edition,  YC C16/Plus4 Programmers Edition,  AresOne Update,  CBM-Command Version 2.0 Beta 1,  Nanako In Japanese Monster Castle,  Plus 4: 256k Memory Expansion,  The Rear Admiral,  Eway10: 3 New C64 Adventure Games,  ZTerm Terminal Client For C64,  Theater Of War WW2 (VIC20),  Chameleon 64,  DiscreetFX Platform Shift,  On the Edge: the Spectacular Rise and Fall of Commodore,  uIEC Change Device Program, sd2iec Firmware.
* Interview With Alf Yngve
* Build Your Own RGBI>S-Video Adaptor
* Commodore 16 Programming
* 1000 Kung Fu Maniacs
* Back to the Past – Issue 7

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