Helaas heb ik hem zelf nog niet ontvangen, maar Retro Gamer Issue 85 is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

We go Mana mental and take an in-depth look at Square’s superb RPG series

History of Lemmings
Everything you ever needed to know about gaming’s most suicidal rodents

The Making of Where Time Stood Still
We speak to the creators of one of the Spectrum’s most atmospheric isometric adventures

The Ultimate Guide to Flashback

Discover why Delphine’s 16-bit adventure is still a joy to play

The Making of Sonic Spinball
Find out how Sega Technical Institute created the world’s first Sonic spin-off

Also inside…

– Secrets of Mana
– Cheap as Chips: Deflektor
– The Unconverted
– From the Archives: Virgin Games Part 2
– The Making of: The Pit
– Import Only: Portopia Renzoku Satsujin Jiken
– Obscura Machina: Tatung Einstein
– The Making of: Jr Pac-Man
– Classic Game: Fiendish Freddy’s Big Top O Fun
– The Making of: Where Time Stood Still
– In the Chair with: Tim Wright
– Future Classic: God Hand
– The History of: Lemmings
– The Making of: Sonic Spinball
– A Moment with John Wilson

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