Retro Gamer issue 84 is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

A Rare Glimpse
Our mammoth Rare features look back at the company’s last 25 years and reveals lots of exciting new secrets.

The best point-and-click adventure games ever

Here’s your essential guide to 20 of the best adventure games ever made that LucasArts had nothing to do with.

Obscura Machina: Capcom Power System CHANGER
It’s another Retro Gamer exclusive as a console so rare, hardly anyone knows it exists.

The Making of The Terminal Man
We speak to Oliver Frey, creator of the popular comic strip that appeared in Crash magazine.

Also inside…
– A Rare Celebration
– Cheap as Chips: Seymour Goes to Hollywood
– Classic Game: Stunt Car Racer
– Why You Must Play: Master of Orion
– The Making of the Terminal Man
– The Making of Betrayal At Krondor
– The Unconverted
– Future Classic: Shadow of the Colossus
– From the Archives: Virgin Part 1
– The Making of Banshee
– The Best Point-And-Click Adventures that weren’t by LucasArts
– A Moment with: Richard Leinfellner
– Desert Island Disks: Steve Woita
– Retro Revival: Daze Before Christmas
– Retro Revival: The Untouchables
– Retro Revival: Coin-Op Hits
– GoldenEye 007
– Guwange
– The Sims 3
– The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match
– Haunted House
– Pinball FX 2
– No Heroes Allowed!
– ZX Spectrum Elite Collection Vol 1
– Game Dev Story
– Time Crisis: Razing Storm

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