Issue 44 van het gratis magazine Commodore Free is uitgekomen om te lezen/downloaden in de volgende formaten; HTML, Text, Seq, D64 (C64 disk image) and PDF. De onderwerpen van deze issue zijn:
ACE Commander 128 RC, Vandalism News #53 Released, Shredz64 Updated, PSX64 Available, Pocket 1541, Contiki Download Page, Aladdin 4D & ARES Partnership, A Conversation With Chuck Peddle, Bil Herd, Jeri Ellsworth, IceFileSystem 1.13 For MorphOS, AmiUpdate 2, –,  Maziacs on the Plus/4, VIC20 New Game: Pillow Fight,  UWOL Quest For Money,  SCACOM Issue 18/19 Released,  BOH Update13 Released, PyGame Ported To AmigaOS 4,  Commodore Computer Club Update,  Games That Wern’t Update,  C128 System Information 7.2,  RETURN – 8 bit magazine issue 4,  64HDD Celebrates 10 Years,  ART Episode 45,  TGA: The Great Adventure,  Plus4 Club Info 118 Released, Morph Game, Enhanced Music Player For iPad, Two sd2iec Releases, CBM-Command Version 1.5 Released, SEUCK Vault Update, Diskmag “Hugi” Issue 36, Ultimate Pack 1.6.0 For MorphOS, Blu Manager V0.5 Released, TargetD64 V0.4.0 Released, MiniGame Compo 2010,  Commodore Announces Exclusive, Worldwide Licensing Rights, LOADSTAR Compleat
* Interview With Payton Byrd
* Writing CBM-Command
* CBM-Command
* Interview With Michael
* Will You Still Love Me
Will You Still Need Me When I’m 64

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