Er is een nieuw retromagazine uit die speciaal over Atari gaat. Het magazine is allee als download te koop voor $3.95. De onderwerpen van de eerste issue zijn:

– Review Atari’s little known “SuperSystem”, the short-lived console that was meant to replaced the Atari 2600 as the King of consoles.
– We look at Mastertronic, the UK software company that revolutionised the games market in the UK back in the eighties.
– Want to play Atari 2600 on your PC? You can, and we show you how.
– Reviews of Halo 2600, Failsafe (Atari 7800), Custer’s Revenge (2600), Kolony 2106 (XL/XE) .
– Hardware: We look at the Atari XC-12
– Online Gaming: Starfleet Commander reviewed
– Making Music on the Atari ST
– How to play great Atari 8-bit tunes on your PC
– Feature on the birth of the Atari ST
– Roundup of all the latest Atari related news.

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