Issue 73 van de on-line magazine Retro Gaming Times Montly is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

■ Happy 30th Birthday Pac-Man!
■ Hack The Pac: Explaining/Modifying The Code of Google Pac-Man
■ My Mid-Life Crisis Is Sponsored By The Sega Master System
■ Atari 5200 Zone – Super Pac-Man
■ Apple II Incider – Ms. Pac-Man
■ Dual Perspective – Mega Man 3
■ A Timely Time Soldiers Review (SMS)
■ The Champ Of Champ-Games – Pac-Em
■ Mutated Output: Less Evil Than The Competition
■ The Homebrew Sleuth: Atari 2600 Dungeon
■ A Pixelated 21st Century!
■ Behind The Pixels – Paperboy
■ etc.

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