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Retrofusion terug?

3 jaar geleden kwamen de eerste  nummers uit van dit veel belovende magazine over Retro Computers en Games, retro films etc. Maar daarna werd het stil…. Tot nu! Binnenkort start de pre-order periode van een nieuw kerst nummer van Retro Fusion.

Houd de site in de gaten!


Videopac primeur gepresenteerd op Retro Beurs Apeldoorn

videopacvraagBas Kornalijnslijper (bekend van het uitbrengen van de spellen Spiderman en Melrep voor de videopac) zal op de Retro Beurs van 4 oktober in Apeldoorn weer een een videopac primeur presenteren. Wat het is dat is nog geheim. Dus wil je weten wat het is kom dan naar de Retro Beurs in Apeldoorn


Commodore Free Magazine Issue 33

Issue 33 van Commdore Free Magazine uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:
– Inteview with Marshall Alexander (Paper Enginner)
– Foldskool Hero Model
– Commodore Ringtones
– Geos & Role Play Games
– Interview with Johan va den Brande (C64 Twitter client)
– John Fielden’s C16 & Plus/4 pages
– CCUK Meeting Report + foto’s
– Interview Arcade Retro Gaming
– Back to the Past

Kijk op CommodoreFree om de magazine te downloaden

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Retro Gamer Issue 68

retrogamer68Retro Gamer issue 68 is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

Retro Features
– We catch up with Gary Bracey, former development director for Ocean software, to discuss his fascinating life in the games industry.
– Following his recent trip into space, we touchdown with Richard Garriott and get the complete lowdown on the Ultima RPG series.
– We rock out with Ed Logg, Howard Delman and Lyle Rains with an exclusive look back at Atari’s seminal space shooter Asteroids.
– And we pay tribute to the king of pop with Moonwalker on the Mega Drive.

The Making of…
Super Sprint

King Of The Fighters XII
Shadow Complex
Contra Rebirth

We look back at the; the ambitious touch-screen handheld from Tiger Electronics released seven years before the DS.

– etc.

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Classic Video Gamer Magazine: Premier Issue Re-print

ClassicVideoGamerEen tijdje geleden is er een nieuw blad uitgekomen met de naaml Classic Video Gamer. Hier kan je een voorbeeld van het blad zien/lezen.
Het blad is als PDF te koop voor 1.99 dollar.  Het blad was ook als magazine te koop, maar was uitverkocht. Het is nu echter mogelijk om een pre-order te plaatsen voor een re-print van deze Premier Issue.

Meer informatie en het blad/PDF kopen kan op


Retroaction Issue 3

retroaction_3On the Cutting Edge of Sci Fi Adventuring: Blade Runner
We look at Westwood’s epic sci-fi adventure, and chat with the main man behind the game’s production Louis Castle.

Ghostbusters Through the Ages
With Ghostbusters getting a current-gen update, we thought this was the perfect time to look back at the various games, ports, remakes, and sequels.

Retro Fanzines
Retrogaming enthusiasts have been creating their own fanzine publications for over 20 years. We racked our memories and hunted around the ‘net to find out more.

Twilight of the Spectrum, part 2
We continue our trek through the Spectrum’s twilight years in Eastern Europe.

Computer Warrior, part 3
Further adventures of the Computer Warrior comic strip, from the 1980s Eagle comic, where gamers discover how to play computer games within the computer’s realm.

Atari STE: What Could Have Been
We look at the history of the Atari STE and think of what could have been Atari’s resurgence in the 16-bit computer market.


Louis Castle
We talked to Louis Castle about everything Blade Runner, and how it all came to be.

Tom Livak
A special preview / interview with Tom Livak on his NES game GemVenture.

Clyde “Mato” Mandelin
We speak to lead translator, Clyde Mandelin (a.k.a. Tomato, or just Mato), about the epic Mother translating projects.

Mukunda “eKid” Johnson
We caught up with Mukunda Johnson to discuss his PDROMs compo winning SNES game Skipp and Friends as well as his other projects.


The latest happenings in the world of retrogaming.

Emulator Profile: STEEM
Often cited as the emulator of choice for Atari ST gamers, and with good reason.

Retro Respect: Magic: The Gathering
We’ve all missed a classic during our time (I know I have). This is where we pay respect to the forgotten classics, the misunderstood, and the underdogs.

Killer App: F-Zero
These are the games that are so outstanding that you would buy the system just to play that game. The essential games that every retro gamer should play.

Raiders of the Lost Arcades: Aliens vs. Predator
Unfortunately, the arcade is becoming extinct as a gaming platform, so we take a trek back through time to relive some of the arcades’ greatest and underrated games.

Retro Respect: Defender of the Crown
Cinemaware’s classic arcade strategy gets the Retro Respect treatment.

How to Cause a Complete Controversy: Revenge of General Custor
Forget the GTAs and Manhunts; games were causing controversy from as far back as the 8-bit days. We look at the controversy that surrounded these games.

Retro Respect: RoboWarrior
The underrated NES game gets our overdue respect.

The Weird and Wonderful World of Retrogaming: UnSensible World of Cannon Moon Soccer Meets Bulldog Blighty
There have been some truly strange games, demos, and cover disks released in the heyday of retrogaming. This is where we dig up some of these weird and daft creations.


Skipp and Friends (SNES)
Knight Lore (MSX2)
Knight ‘N’ Grail (C64)
Kuiper Pursuit (ZX Spectrum)
r0x (Atari STE)
Nanako in Classic Japanese Monster Castle (Amstrad CPC)
La Corona Encantada (MSX, ZX Spectrum)
Biniax 2 (ZX Spectrum)
Infection (C64)
Gommy: Midievel Defender (ZX Spectrum)
International Soccer (PC Windows)
Shift (MSX2)
Legion of the Damned 2 (C64)
Factory Daze (ZX Spectrum)
Kung Fu II (PC Windows)
Poomania (GBA)
Berzerk Redux (C64)
Rambo (PC Windows)
Sudoku Master (Amstrad CPC)
Biohell (ZX Spectrum)

Meer info en om de magazine te downloaden, kijk op

Of download rechtstreeks (PDF, 26 mb)

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Retrogaming Times Monthly Issue 64

Issue 64 van het on-line magazine RTM is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

– Movies With A Byte: Joysticks
– RTM Idiocy: The Pot Of Lead At The End Of The Rainbow
– The Legend Of Trash Truck
– All Eyes On Power Rangers: The Movie (Genesis Game)
– Apple II Incider – Spy Hunter
– Modern Retro – Worms
– Videological Dig – The Ratings War

Klik hier om naar de site te gaan

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