Issue 62 van het on-line magazine RTM is uitgekomen met de volgende onderwerpen:

  • Moonwalking Into Heaven
  • Movie’s With A Byte: The Wizard
  • Lunch With Tim McVey
  • Show Report: Funspot XI
  • On Parallel Universe Theory And The Art Of Cornering
  • RTM Idiocy: Blissful Ignorance And Dangerous Knowledge (Act 2)
  • NES’cade – Gun.Smoke
  • Apple II Incider – California Games
  • Squaring Off: Demon Attack
  • Atari Playfield – Michtron
  • The Thrill Of Defeat: Hurting The Ones We Love & Making Up For It
  • A Next-Gen Blast From The Past
  • Old Wine In New Bottles: Capcom Classic Collection Volume 1
  • Videological Dig – Moonwalker
  • Video Game Confessions – Jungle Hunt (Comic)

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